Are you wondering what network you can use with your phone in the Philippines? Listed below are the different options: TM, Globe, Next Mobile, Sun Cellular, and ZTE. If you haven’t decided yet, you can read our complete review of each network and compare the features and pricing of these networks. You can also check the reviews of other users to find out which one is the best fit for your needs. And if you haven’t decided yet, you can use the comments section below to get some tips.


You should know that the 0977 mobile number belongs to the Touch Mobile and Globe Telecom networks. Knowing this prefix is important as you may need to pay extra charges when calling a 0977 number. Moreover, it is best to check which network you’re currently on so that you can avoid getting charged for unused minutes and texts. Read on to learn more. Here are some benefits of 0977 mobile numbers. It may help you decide which network is right for you.

The 0977 prefix belongs to two network providers in the Philippines. One of them is Globe, which was founded in 2001, while the other is TM, which started operating in 2004. Both companies are famous for their discounted calling and messaging rates. As both companies use the same set of mobile prefixes, they’re considered tie-up networks. TM is more popular than Globe, but it has a lower data rate than Globe.

It can be hard to determine which network operates a 0977 number. Because the Philippines has two major cellular companies, it can be difficult to figure out which network you’re using. However, with the following list of mobile network prefixes, you can identify which network to use for free calls and texts. When calling a 0977 number, make sure to check if the number belongs to a telecommunication company.


The TM and Globe networks share the same cellular network. If a person calls you on these networks, it will cost you a minimum amount to talk. These companies have various promos for both talk and text. All users of these networks can easily connect to each other for minimal charges. However, the prefix 0977 is only recognized by the TM and Globe networks. Therefore, it is very important to know the network of a particular number.

If you are on a different network, you will not be able to use the 0977 promo codes. To use the 0977 promo codes, make sure that you have a sufficient amount of credit on your account. Also, keep in mind that you can only use the 0977 promo codes within the country. To use the 0977 network promo, dial +63 format with a 10-digit mobile number. The phone number you have to dial must also be in the +63 format.

Another advantage of using 0977 is that you can easily shift networks. Because of its number portability law, you don’t have to purchase another sim card every time you change networks. This allows you to switch networks without much hassle. You can even use a different service if you so desire. The Philippines is a country where people change their mobile phone networks all the time. It is very important to know what networks and promos are available in the country.

Next Mobile

The network code 0977 belongs to the Globe Network. It is also a part of the Next Mobile number network in the Philippines. Philippine citizens can dial any 11-digit phone number using this network code. Just start by typing the prefix 0977 and then type the remaining seven digits to complete the call. This is the same procedure as calling any other phone number within the country. However, this method is not always successful. It is important to know that this network code is not always available.

Before using this number, make sure that you know your network’s SSID and IMEI numbers. Often, you may see a different prefix for Next Mobile compared to the others. To make sure that your number is not tied to a particular network, call its customer support number. There are many other ways to find out your phone number. Try searching online for “0977 Next Mobile” or just type in the network’s name and check if there are any special promotions.

For some reason, 0977 Next Mobile and Globe Telecoms are the only two carriers in the Philippines that use this prefix. You can also use ’00’ to avoid confusion with the other networks. If you do have a 0977 Next Mobile number, you can use 0977 Next Mobile promo codes to call the other networks. To use the promo codes, make sure that your account balance is high enough to pay for your calls. Also, 0977 Next Mobile promo codes only work within the country.

Sun Cellular

What is a Sun Cellular 0977 number? This mobile phone number is one of many that users have used in the past. While it was formerly a Globe Telecom number, it was converted to a Sun cellular number by the company. Therefore, any number without the Globe prefix is a Sun number. Below are some of the benefits of using a Sun number. These include: Unlimited calling and texting, unlimited data and more!

Mobile phone number prefixes vary from network to network. There are easy solutions for identifying network prefixes. First, we can use a table that lists the prefixes numerically, followed by network. This table is available in PDF format as well, so that we can refer to it anytime we want. Once we have a list of all the network prefixes, we can start using that service.

Next, we can look at the number’s carrier. The Philippines has six cellular networks. Two of these networks are operated by Smart and Globe. Because of the vast number of phone numbers, it can be difficult to tell which one operates 0977 numbers. To avoid this problem, we should always be aware of the network provider before calling 0977 numbers. In some cases, you can even incur additional charges if the number belongs to another network.

Another difference between 0977 and a TM cell phone number is the carrier. Globe and Touch Mobile both use the 0977 prefix. These companies are able to offer their customers discounted call and message rates. Those are good reasons to choose a Sun Cellular 0977 if you need a cell phone number with a different carrier. But before you use a TM cell phone number, be sure to check its validity.