Piles or Hemorrhoids is a medical condition in which the vessels of the anus or the rectum get inflamed and swollen which causes discomfort, pain and sometimes even bleeding.

Normally these vessels are present in the perineal region but are not inflamed or swollen. They get so when there is a cause such as excessive straining at stool, constipation, weight lifting, chronic cough, pregnancy and sometimes can occur due to old age and stress.

Symptoms of Piles Include:

  • Pain when passing stool. Pain can also be persistent afterward. Pain can be of stitching, burning and stinging types.
  • Sensation of a lump or growth in the anal region.
  • Fullness in the anus even after passing stool.
  • Bloody or slimy discharge from the anus which can sometimes be the first sign of piles.
  • Bleeding from the rectum.

Types of Piles:

There are 4 categories of piles defined by their location, prolapse and duration. These are:

  • First Degree which bleed but do not protrude out of the anus.
  • Second Degree which protrude during stool but return to their location after it.
  • Third Degree that protrude even when not passing stool but can be inserted back on being bushed.
  • Fourth Degree are of complete prolapse and do not return even on being pushed.

For ease, they are also categorized as Internal and External Piles. Internal Piles can go unnoticed for a long time and often the first presentation is in the form of bleeding. External piles on the other hand are very painful and hence diagnosed earlier.

Both the types can occur simultaneously as well.

Diagnosis of Piles is mostly self in case of external piles; a General Practitioner can do a per rectal examination or a Proctoscopy for confirmation. Sometimes a biopsy may also be done to reach a differential and to rule out malignancy.

Management of Piles includes a fiber rich diet and plenty of water to prevent constipation, Laxatives can also be taken to soften stools. Sitz baths are also helpful in painful piles by relieving congestion and edema. Prevention includes avoiding lifting heavy weights.

Surgical methods such as hemorrhoidectomy also occur but these cannot assure a permanent cure or prevent recurrence.

Here is where Homoeopathy for piles can come into play as it is a safe and holistic mode of treatment which has the capacity to prevent recurrences.

Some of the best Homeopathy medicines for Piles are as follows:

  1. Aesculus Hippocastanum: With the most marked action on the lower bowel, this remedy helps in cases of engorged hemorrhoids and back pain without constipation. Severe pain but very little bleeding from hemorrhoids with engorged purple veins. Anus feels full of small sticks. Omeo Aesculus Ointment is an excellent ointment for hemorrhoids with pain, swelling and bleeding from the rectum.
  2. Aloe Socotrina: An excellent remedy for portal congestion, it helps in cases of rectal symptoms resulting from sedentary lifestyles. Constant sensation of bearing down in the rectum with bleeding, soreness and heat. Complaints better by cold water application, hemorrhoids appear like a bunch of grapes. Insecurity of rectum on passing flatus, mucoid discharge from the anus. Lumpy, watery and jelly like stools. B Jain’s Omeo Pilease Tablet which contains Aloe Socotrina is a very useful combination of remedies that helps relieve piles and associated complaints such bleeding, itching, pain and burning in the anus.
  3. Podophyllum: It is suited to complaints during pregnancy and hence is an excellent remedy for hemorrhoids that occur during pregnancy. You can also buy homoeopathy medicine online by the name of B Jain’s Biocombination No. 17 which is a remedy for complaints due to Piles and Fissures.
  4. Muriaticum Acidum: It is very helpful in cases of hemorrhages from the anus. There is a tendency to involuntary stool evacuation while urinating, cannot urinate without having a bowel movement at the same time. Extremely sensitive hemorrhoids, even a sheet of toilet paper causes a lot of pain. Itching in anus with prolapse when urinating. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy with violent stitches. Hemorrhoids hot and appear bluish.
  5. Ratanhia Peruviana: It helps in cases of aches in rectum that feels as if full of broken glass. Aching and burning in the anus for hours after stool. Anus feels constricted with dry heat in the anus and sudden knife like stitches. Stools require great effort with protrusion of hemorrhoids that are temporarily relieved by cold water application. Oozing from the anus with itching. Omeo Piles Ointment is a wonderful combination of homoeopathic medicines for piles including Ratanhia.

These are some of the remedies that can be very helpful in cases of hemorrhoids, however it should be remembered that there are other health conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and rectal cancer that can have similar presentation, hence persistent and agonizing complaints should always be consulted for by a registered practitioner.