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Our long-term outlook embraces a versatile, long-term method to grab alternatives in debt and fairness investments throughout the true property panorama.

The foundations of the worldwide business actual property market are shifting. Since 2020, a confluence of things – a dramatic shift

Figure 1 highlights the potential for increased returns by exploring relative value across four investment quadrants: public debt, public equity (REITs), private debt, and private equity. In public debt, we strive to capitalize on historically wide spreads and impaired liquidity. In public equity, we seek to exploit discrepancies through tactical investments in real estate investment trusts (REITs). In private debt, we endeavor to seize opportunities in motivated sales of discounted debt and rescue financing. In private equity, we concentrate on sectors with secular tailwinds, such as logistics, residential, alternatives, and select office and retail properties.

PIMCO as of June 2023


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