Cotton pyjamas could be pricey but since they are so comfortable, a lot of people are still investing in them. If you have already purchased them or you are planning to, knowing how to properly care for them would ensure that you are maximizing the money you have paid for the pyjamas since you would be enjoying and using them for a long time.

Read the list below to find the ways on maintaining your cotton pyjamas’ novelty. This is not an extensive list but it is the basic care for cotton clothes since cotton is a fabric that is not difficult to care for.

Properly Hang And Dry Your Cotton Pyjamas

After washing, hang and dry your cotton pyjamas properly to avoid wrinkles. These are common with cotton garments but could be easily avoided if the cotton clothes were just hung neatly to properly dry. After they are properly dried, fold them carefully without pressing down too hard on the folds to avoid creases and or bulges. If you have mens cotton pyjamas, store them carefully with your other nightclothes or put them on clothes hangers.

Wash With Same-Coloured Clothes

Laundry 101, when washing clothes and to avoid colour bleeding, always wash together same-coloured clothes since when you mix colours, each cotton clothing will transfer a portion of its colour to another colour. This is particularly true when washing cotton.

Wash comparable colours in separate loads, such as all the whites, all the coloured and all the darks. Use the bleach sparingly and only if absolutely necessary to remove extremely persistent stains. For the greatest results, always wash in warm to hot water. Cotton does not clean as effectively in cold water as it does in warm to hot water.

Don’t Forget To Pre-Soak

In addition to the point above about cleaning stains, don’t forget to pre-soak. Pre-soak and pre-treat stains especially stubborn ones. Make sure to read first the cleaning instructions stipulated in the clothes’ label before you use any cleaning agents since it might cause more harm than good. If hot water and laundry detergent will suffice, avoid using any other strong cleaning detergents and or stain remover solvents.

Do Not Stretch The Fabric

Cotton has the tendency to be out of shape because it is sometimes stretched beyond its capacity. It is not as elastic as other fabrics, however, as long as you continue to wear it, the size will conform to your body shape, although it won’t return back to its original shape. If you are ironing the cotton pyjama, simply iron until the wrinkles are gone and the cloth is soft and evenly flattened out. Iron (or fold) using a smooth and flat surface to avoid stretching out the fabric.

Cotton, compared to other fabrics does not require a lot of complicated and expensive maintenance. There are no special techniques necessary. Just follow the simple instructions mentioned above and your cotton pyjamas will always be at its best.