We live in a country where people are deprived of basic healthcare facilities even in 2022. Governments are still struggling to provide adequate healthcare services to the masses. Every now and then governments change in Pakistan but the healthcare system remains the same. If one government makes a good healthcare policy, the next government stops the implementation of that policy when they come into power.

There is another problem that is rooted in our society, classism. Our society is divided into the upper class and lower class and their living standards are based on their classes. There are different services and facilities for the rich and different for the poor. And this classism exists in the healthcare sector as well.

Classism in healthcare    

The services and facilities supplied by public and private hospitals are vastly different. Patients are not charged a lot of money in public hospitals, yet the quality of care they receive is poor. People must wait hours in line for their turn, and doctors do not give each patient the care they deserve.

Private hospitals, on the other hand, provide excellent treatments and cutting-edge equipment, but the prices they ask for each service are out of reach for most people. Private hospitals are only available to those who are financially well-off. The quality of services varies by city; large cities have excellent hospital facilities, while small communities lack even the most basic amenities. This causes a significant schism between the classes and the general public.

Best private hospital in Multan

Private hospitals are costly, but they give high-quality healthcare to their patients. However, some private institutions, such as Multan’s Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (MASH), help individuals financially. It is a welfare hospital that strives to deliver superior healthcare facilities by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and employing highly qualified staff.

MASH is one of Multan’s best private hospitals, with modern equipment, an ISO-certified laboratory, and highly qualified and experienced staff. In the news, there was a story about Dr. Aneela Darbar, who did successful brain surgery in Multan. They have the greatest doctors and facilities in entire South Punjab. MASH provides the following primary services:

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General surgery

Surgery is a significant undertaking; whenever you require any type of surgery, you should conduct research into the facility where you will be treated. This is a dangerous and crucial procedure that should only be performed by a skilled surgeon. MASH employs only the most skilled and experienced surgeons. Minimally invasive surgery for complex conditions is a specialty of MASH’s specialists.


Anyone with children understands the importance of a good pediatrician at every stage of development. A qualified pediatrician aids in the growth of children as well as the avoidance of diseases and infections. For children’s care, MASH has the greatest pediatric section. There is a nursery for babies, as well as an infection detention facility where children can be under examination to see if they have any infections or allergies.


MASH also offers the greatest ENT services. For mild and significant ENT disorders, they have an ENT Clinic with competent ENT doctors. They also operate in serious situations such as tonsils and a mass in the neck. Other concerns handled in the clinic include sinus infections and ear infections. They also conduct newborn hearing screening tests.

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MASH includes a state-of-the-art psychiatry clinic called the Spring Clinic. The clinic, which deals with mental health issues, is in its own facility. All children, adolescents, and adults are welcome to use this facility. They treat all types of patients, including those suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression, and other diseases, with their highly qualified psychologists and therapists. They also offer speech treatment to youngsters who have problems speaking.


MASH is aware of people’s gynecological treatment requirements. Every woman, at any age, requires the services of a qualified gynecologist. MASH specializes in all aspects of obstetrics and gynecology.

  •         Pre-pregnancy counseling
  •         Weight management and nutrition
  •         Cancer screening
  •         Infertility concerns
  •         Post-menopausal care
  •         Care during pregnancy

These are their core Gynecological services.


MASH also offers the greatest dermatological care available. They hope to become the country’s leading provider of complete dermatological treatments. To cure skin problems, they have the greatest personnel. They deal with skin allergies, diseases, eczema, acne, and medication reactions, among other things.

Mukhtar A. Skeikh Hospital MASH is the best hospital in Multan and one of the best hospitals in South Punjab because of all of these services and amenities. With their modern approach to medical sciences, they are striving to become Pakistan’s top private welfare hospital.