Are you a new or small business looking worried about how to rank higher on Google? Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is essential if you’re thinking about how to get higher ranking on Google. SEO for small business is a true game-changer as the average business receives about 1,000 clicks per month!

Establish a Google My Business Account

If you’ve decided to go it alone in terms of marketing, the first thing you’re going to want to do is register for a Google My Business Account. Online exposure for small businesses can be a lot like politics – the most important kind is local! If you can get your name on the first page of google, imagine to Google Maps traffic that you’re going to get.

Long-Form Content is (Surprisingly) Effective

I may surprise you, but long-form blog content is effective when it comes to improving your Google ranking. Think about it – a longer article offers more opportunities to slide in the keywords that Google looks for when it comes to rankings. This may seem cumbersome, but when it gets to be too much work for you and your business, that’s a good thing because now it’s…

Time To Call in the Big Dogs

When you’re having to take valuable time away from your business to create long-form content, it’s not a sustainable model because you’ve likely experienced some success. That fact doesn’t diminish the importance of SEO marketing – it makes it more important. When you’re leading halfway through a marathon, you can’t stop pacing yourself – which is why you contact companies like The HOTH.

The HOTH Will Do It For You

The HOTH provides a large stable of freelance writers that are trained to “Hittem Over The Head” (That’s what HOTH stands for) with awesomeness. What this means is that you can have long-form blog content at the ready whenever you want. Simply fill out the form and tell them what you want – title, description, keywords, etc., and you’ll have a nice clean piece of content that ranks well and is returned on your timeline.

How To Choose Keywords

By now, you’ve picked up on the fact that keywords are integral when it comes to Google ranking, so you understand that picking relevant keywords is…well…key. Luckily, this is the easy part – what business are you in? If you bake vegan cupcakes, for instance, choose keywords like “cupcake,” or “vegan” and ask for articles like “Why Vegan Cupcakes Are More Delicious” or something like that – simple, right?”

Okay, So I Know How To Rank Higher On Google. Now What?

You’ve learned how to rank higher on Google, you’ve got your small business up and running, and you’ve created and promoted your Google My Business Account. You’re seeing the success that you had hoped for, and you’re ready to take it to the next level –  so now what? Consult an SEO company with experts and a large stable of writers like The HOTH.