If you’re looking for a holiday or a celebration in the month of December, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find the top holidays and celebrations, including New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and Bodhi Day. We’ll also touch on St. Stephen’s Day and Bodhi Day, among others. We hope you enjoy reading through these articles! Here are some other interesting holidays to take note of in December.

New Year’s Eve

If you are looking for a holiday to celebrate, New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to find it! Many countries celebrate this worldwide holiday in various ways, from throwing massive parties, to hosting outdoor concerts, to exchanging traditional foods and good wishes. The holiday is also observed by some religious groups, who use it as a day to give thanks and pray, while others use it to reflect on the year that was and set goals for the new one.

While many countries celebrate Christmas on December 25, the holiday’s origins can be traced to 336 AD. Pope Gelasius, I first declared this a Christian holiday, and it has since spread to other cultures and religions. In addition to the holiday, many cultures celebrate the winter solstice, another December global holiday. While most of these holidays are related to religion, others are based on tradition.

In Japan, pigs are considered lucky, and New Year’s celebrations usually involve fireworks, concerts, and ball drops. New Year’s Eve festivities are common in major cities, including New York City, Sydney, Bangkok, Dubai, and Cape Town. There are also traditions centered around the eating of 12 grapes. The grapes symbolize good fortune, and the rings are believed to bring good luck to whoever finds them.


Christmas is a global holiday that honors the birth of Jesus Christ. Regardless of religion, people all over the world celebrate this holiday. Christians give thanks on the day of Christmas, and non-Christians gather for meals and celebrations. Many also observe Church assistance on this day. While Americans are more likely to associate Christmas with Santa Claus, Australians celebrate the holiday with beach vacations. In the UK, children leave brandy and mince pies for Father Xmas.

Among the global holidays celebrated during December is the World Day of Animal Rights. Established on the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, this day is celebrated by animal advocates. Many people adhere to the principles of animal rights, and many states have legal norms to prevent animal abuse. However, animal rights do not necessarily apply to all countries. Whether you’re a vegetarian, the December Global Holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate the holidays!

Britain’s Christmas tradition is similar to America’s. Many children skip milk and cookies in honor of Santa, but they do get minced beef on the day of Christmas. In Iceland, the capital of Reykjavik transforms into a frozen wonderland during the holiday season. Icelandic children know there are thirteen Yule Boys, which are the elves and reindeer who appear in children’s windows on the night before Christmas. Boxing Day, which occurs on the 26th, is also an important global holiday in the UK. Find out more about flapper costumes by visiting Blossom Costumes.

Bodhi Day

When Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day in December, they remember the first food that Buddha ate after achieving enlightenment – milk. This meal is said to have awakened the future Buddha and helped him see that the middle path is the only way. Some Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day in December by decorating ficus trees with multi-colored lights that represent the three jewels of enlightenment. The lights should be displayed for 30 days, starting on 8 December and staying up through January.

The day marks the enlightenment of Buddha and is celebrated on December 8th in Japan. The Chinese version of this holiday is the Laba Festival, which is observed on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month of the Chinese calendar. It is a tradition that is becoming increasingly popular among Mahayana Buddhists outside Asia. But the origin of Bodhi Day is unclear. While many have believed in the Buddha’s enlightenment for thousands of years, other Buddhists are adopting the December 8 date.

On December 8th, Buddhists around the world commemorate the day Siddhartha Gautama gained enlightenment. He rejected the life of a prince and instead embarked on a journey of introspection and meditation. He became the first Buddha and the basis of Buddhism. To this day, Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day by performing meditation and reciting sutras. Others prepare traditional meals of cakes and tea.

St. Stephen’s Day

Many countries celebrate St. Stephen’s Day in December. In the UK, it’s known as Boxing Day. Across many countries, this is a national holiday. Gifts are given and nativity scenes are set up in churches. Many people also visit Christmas markets and a nativity scene in a church. It’s also celebrated in Canada and other Commonwealth countries. There are also many traditions associated with St. Stephen’s Day.

In Ireland, the first day of December is St. Stephen’s Day. The country is also known for the New Year, celebrated on December 31. In other parts of the world, December is marked by several national and religious holidays. In Ireland, St. Stephen’s Day falls on December 26 each year. Traditionally, it’s a day of family celebrations, but it’s a great time to take a trip to the country to celebrate these important holidays!

St. Lucia’s Day

Celebrated annually in Sweden, St. Lucia’s Day celebrates the struggle between light and darkness. The day is often celebrated with crayfish parties and a train procession, and is as much of a family day as midsummer. It is also celebrated in Finland and Bosnia and Croatia. In Denmark, children believe St. Lucia brings them gifts and food. But where do you find the most information about St. Lucia’s Day?

St. Lucia’s Day celebrations are held in churches, town halls, restaurants, and other locations. Schools and businesses host Lucia-themed events and broadcasts. Children are often dressed in Christmassy costumes, and there are many traditions surrounding this holiday. In Sweden, the main celebration is celebrated on the evening of 13 December. The evening of the 13th is also filled with festivities, including a midnight mass, and Swedish tradition involves the singing of carols, traditional Christmas songs, and lussekatt buns.

Swedish traditions honor St. Lucia Day with candlelight and festive celebrations. The oldest woman in a family wears a crimson-colored sash and stockings. The oldest daughter sings a traditional St. Lucia song and carries sweet bread and coffee in the morning to wake the rest of the family. The oldest daughter of the family is the eldest woman in a family and traditionally prepares the bread and cakes for the holiday.

World AIDS Day

On the first Sunday of December, the global community commemorates World AIDS Day. The day is celebrated by raising awareness about the AIDS epidemic, mourning those who have died from the disease, and promoting regular HIV testing. Critics criticized this first World AIDS Day theme, but it was a great way to combat the stigma surrounding the disease. During its first years, the holiday focused on children and young people, but that did not stop it from expanding its focus. In 2004, the World AIDS Campaign became an independent, non-profit organization.

Since 1988, World AIDS Day has become an annual event to raise awareness about the AIDS pandemic. This disease, which attacks the immune system, reduces a person’s resistance to other illnesses. In honor of the millions of people who died of AIDS each year, people from all walks of life observe the day to show solidarity with those affected by the disease and their families. Today, many people recognize the role that these events play in combating the epidemic.

While there are many ways to mark World AIDS Day, there are several things you can do in your local community. Wearing a red ribbon is one way to spread awareness. You can also pass around a red ribbon and educate others about the disease. By doing so, you will decrease the stigma of HIV and help people overcome the fear that accompanies the disease. There are many resources online that can help you learn about the disease and what you can do to get help.


When is Hanukkah in December? The festival marks the beginning of the Jewish new year. The Jewish people have a custom of lighting oil lamps in a menorah for eight nights during this time of year. These candles are lit in a special menorah, a man-made lamp. This ritual is rooted in the ancient Jewish tradition of harvesting the seven fruits that were mentioned in the Bible. The original miracle that prompted Hanukkah was the discovery of an oil flask by the Jewish High Priest.

While the custom of lighting candles dates back to ancient times, the practice was only embraced in the 19th century when American rabbis introduced special celebrations for children in synagogues. These celebrations included the telling of the story of Hanukkah, singing hymns, and giving out sweets. Hanukkah is an eight-day celebration honoring the Maccabees’ victory over the Greeks and the rededication of the Temple. It is observed in the Hebrew month of Kislev, which usually corresponds to December.

Presidents have become more involved in celebrating Hanukkah in December, which is traditionally an eight-day holiday. The celebrations include lighting a menorah, eating traditional foods, and watching a parade of candles. The White House also hosts an official Hanukkah party. In previous years, Hasidic leaders of the Jewish community would appear in black costumes and make their presence known. Since then, the tradition has become an official White House tradition.